Combine_Connect is an adaptive contemporary tableware that encourages the user to set the dinner table in a playful way.
A digital remake of the traditional blue onion pattern has been screen printed on hand crafted porcelain crockery. The way the pattern is placed on the porcelain, opens various possibilities to connect with the ornaments on the table cloth or other parts of the tableware itself. Once multiple pieces are combined, the blue and white ornaments become a decorative shaped line on the table, that varies everytime the dinner table is set.

The aim of this project is to create a non-static table ware that becomes an active part of the social interaction during mealtime.

A special thanks to Ulrike Struck, a traditional ceramicist, who produced the hand thrown crockery.

The Combine/Connect dishes were exhibited in Fiskars (Finnland).

Currently they are exhibited in Selb at the Porzellanikon.

The Exhibition is open until the 26.03.2017

Follow the exhibition here.

# Shaping the future of ceramics

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